Why Your Backup Isn’t Good Enough

Why Your Backup Isn’t Good Enough

You’re Not Backing Up

We run into many businesses who have no backup or disaster recovery plan at all. We get it, you probably haven’t had a serious problem where your data has been at risk or has been lost. You’ve heard the dentist joke about whether or not it’s important to floss? “Only floss the ones you want to keep.” We feel the same way about backing up your data. If your data is important you need to have it protected.

Hard drives and the components that make up servers and workstations are super intricate and prone to failure. It’s also possible for data to be deleted on accident or corrupted beyond repair. You’re thinking and hoping this won’t ever happen to you when you don’t have a backup plan.

You Think You’re Backing Up

Possibly even worse than not backing up at all is thinking your backup is working. What a horrible surprise to find out that the backup software hasn’t been running in weeks, months, or years. We see every day companies that had a backup setup at some point, but stopped working a loooong time ago.

Backups need to be monitored and maintained to make sure they’re consistently running as they should be. Your backups also need to be tested. Frequently backup software will report that everything is A-OK, but if you go to restore your data, it’s corrupted.

How Do You Restore Your Backup?

Many companies know they need a backup. What they don’t know is that the process of restoring your data and how long it takes is just as important!
Your server is most likely critical to do business and carry on operations. How do you get back up and running if it goes down? Can you immediately restore to another server? Will you need to download all of your data from the cloud? Is it even possible to restore it? How long will it take?

The answer to how long it will take in many scenarios is DAYS and WEEKS. Can any business live without their data for weeks and survive?

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