Backup & Disaster Recovery

Quickly resume operations when faced with disasters

Most disasters are beyond your control, but devising a backup and recovery plan is not. Tektonic, Inc.’s Backup & Disaster Recovery plans protect your business from natural disasters, cyber threats, and human errors that jeopardize your business’s existence.

Our team works round-the-clock to preserve your business-critical files, implement preventive measures, and analyze your IT infrastructure’s capacity to function during and after a disaster. With an experienced IT team at your beck and call, you'll survive any potentially productivity-killing catastrophes.

“Save your business, and implement a backup and disaster recovery solution today! ”

Tektonic, Inc.’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Vigorous protection against every conceivable man-made or natural disaster
  • Realistic recovery preparation - we actively back up your data and provide realistic schedules for recovery
  • Proactive disaster management - we immediately investigate and resolve problems caused by disasters